Berlin is a thriving hub in Europe, with its crazy art scene and fantastic food and drink, it is the ideal city for the novice traveller and the seasoned voyager alike. But that’s just the hook line. Berlin has so much more to offer than material for a simple tourism article.

Have you ever been to a city and, other than knowing you are somewhere new, you can just feel the atmosphere in your bones? Berlin has an edge that makes you believe that there is something new around every corner, and there usually is.

There are artists on every street. I do not just mean the galleries, which are in abundance, but the people are walking art in themselves. Even in the supermarkets you can see everyday people just being who they are. No inhibitions and no showboating, just simply being truthful to themselves as human beings and allowing that simple humanity to speak for itself and to breathe life into the city.

As somewhere which is fairly ‘new liberal’, for want of a better phrase, Berlin sure is making up for lost time. The history of the city, no matter how bleak in a certain sense, is counteracted by the response of the people since the fall of the Wall. There is a very focused and obvious push to make up for lost time and to show the world the Berlin that should have been. In many ways, it is like seeing London or Paris in the 80s, finding out what happens to a city when people can do what they want for the first time and even a simple walk around the local park is a chance to change an opinion and make a statement about individuality.

Saying that, there is no sense that this is a conscious attempt. There is nothing to hint that the people of Berlin have clubbed together in some sort of cult meeting and decided to turn every street into an interactive art gallery, it has been a natural progression. There is nothing contrived. Even art that may seem contrived in other cities simply comes across as a newly flourishing people spreading their wings and making one hell of a mark.

The reason that the scene in Berlin is so natural is that the people creating such an avant-garde culture, are doing so whilst being fully aware of the footsteps they are walking in. They respect the struggles of the people who protested on their streets, the deaths of those attempting to find better lives for their families, and the hard fought triumph of those who first took up arms with hammers and chisels and took the wall down chip by monumental chip.

The sort of city that makes you want to up sticks and run away, Berlin has a place for each and every type of human being. If you are an artist, a wine connoisseur, a history buff or just looking for a city to call home, let’s all meet up in Berlin… who’s with me?