As many filmmakers will tell you, creating a short film that has real impact isn’t as easy as it sounds. Trying to fit in enough exposition so that an audience have some idea of what is going on while simultaneously offering visuals that hold the focus of the viewer is a challenge that countless creatives struggle with. However, finding a piece of work that ticks all the boxes is always exciting, and Dead End does exactly that.

Opening on a shot of some relatively serene yet muddy land instantly provokes curiosity, however this serenity is interrupted abruptly with the introduction of two grimy figures wrestling through the dirt. It never fails to be a pleasant surprise to see work successfully shot in the glorious outdoors, and natural lighting definitely complements the aesthetic of this short.

Even with its incredibly short run time (slightly under two minutes), Dead End manages to build tension effectively in ways that numerous blockbusters fail to do. The intense shots of both characters make it apparent just how much is at stake for each of them. The film equally manages to slot in succinct dialogue that gives a perfect indication of the prior connection between these two men, while still retaining a broad sense of mystery.

Dead End 2 Crucible Films

Crucible Films

Dead End is a testament to how much narrative action can be slotted into a short film. While it has been met with a widely positive reception, there have been many people calling for an extended version of the film. It seems that viewers are keen to gain further insight into the occurrences of Dead End and the perilous situation it depicts.

Of course, if you want to know exactly what happens in Dead End then the best thing you can do is watch it. Hopefully the team at Crucible Films will keep making quality content that has as much commercial promise as this short film. You can find out more about the team on their Facebook page, or visit their Vimeo page to watch more of their creations.