A Skincare Revolution from Chioma Esther Copeman.

Most of us, at some point or another, have struggled to find a skincare product that really works for us. Whether we are talking about an anti-ageing cream with some unpronounceable miracle ingredient, or a spot remedy from deep within the rainforest, it seems like the whole process is just a little too complicated. What happened to classic ingredients? When did we lose our trust in the simple solutions offered to us by nature?

From a frustrated teen with spots, to a pharmacy undergrad making new discoveries every day, Chioma Esther Copeman now sits at the helm of her very own revolution in skincare. Concept:Skin is working from the ground up (literally) to prove that nature still does it best when it comes to caring for body and mind. Starting out making products for herself, then friends and family, Esther began to realise that people responded positively to the products and that they really worked. Of course, as happens far too often, life got in the way. We all need to work, make money, and deal with the curveballs that life throws at us, but eventually some of us throw back.

So, on holiday in Italy, overlooking deep valleys and rolling hills, with a glass of wine in hand, the letter of resignation was written and sent, and Concept:Skin started on its path to being a viable, sustainable, and successful business. The plan was simple; create skincare which is natural, effective, accessible and does what it says on the tin. No unnecessary chemicals, no shortcuts, no bullshit.

Having used the products since meeting Esther and discovering her creations towards the end of last year, I can safely say I am hooked.

The body washes and moisturisers can be used from head to toe, there are variations for all skin types, and the natural scents really last through the day. I have been asked on more than one occasion why I am walking around with my hands up next to my face, and every time my answer is ‘my moisturiser just smells so good!’. This is usually followed by me pushing my hand towards that person’s face.

Esther has also begun to create a new range of massage candles, something I didn’t even know existed but am so excited to try. The candles are made with a particular type of wax which, when it melts, can be poured directly onto the skin and used as a moisturising massage oil, as well as making your room and skin smell lovely. Using tried and tested scents and remedies, the candles cater to a wide variety of needs; from stress relief to muscular pain, illness to general skincare.

If you need any more convincing, all the products are super affordable and can ship internationally from the Concept:Skin website. You can also find more of the intricate details about the origins of ingredients and the processes involved. I highly recommend that you join the skincare revolution!