A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through my usual social media haunts. I know what you’re thinking, and I agree; there’s nothing irregular about this in the slightest. I am admittedly prone to this brand of contemporary procrastination. However, with the exclusion of animal videos, it’s rare that I find something that I want to look at more than once on these throwaway media feeds. Luckily for me, I stumbled across a video all about a project called The Noise Cabin.

My attention was grabbed instantly by the video, mainly because it opened on a shot of some construction materials. Never one to shy away from watching people’s building projects I was completely focussed. Sure enough, my expectations were met, and I got to find out all about The Noise Cabin and its creator James Burke.

The Noise Cabin is a custom built recording studio that James had been aiming to create for almost a decade. While his studio initially started out in his parent’s garage, he knew that this wasn’t sustainable, especially with neighbours being less than happy about the noise. Nonetheless, James had a specific vision in mind, and wasn’t going to let anyone kill his dream.

James Noise Cabin

The Noise Cabin

The studio is entirely unique and comprises of three spaces; a live room, a vocal booth, and a control room. The Noise Cabin has been constructed solely by James which means that it is perfectly designed for its intended purpose. Having made the space exactly what he wanted, The Noise Cabin has an authenticity that other studios might lack, and more importantly sounds brilliant as well.

It is always inspiring to hear about people achieving what they set out to do, and The Noise Cabin is a project that has really pushed me to think more about my goals, especially regarding ideas I have had for a long time. Taking the time to build The Noise Cabin definitely seems to have paid off, and hopefully the studio will serve to be the home of some fantastic new music. You can find out more on the studio website or over on Facebook, where you can also watch the video that got me interested in the first place.