Have you ever thought about dropping everything and heading out on the open road. There is a lot to be said for travelling between towns and cities in a camper, meeting new people in every place you stop, and living outside of the regular day to day constraints most of us endure. Jules Muir and his friends Jasper Dohrs and Zev Magasis from Seattle did exactly that. They created The White Bus photobook as a testament to their travels.

While travelling in Thailand the guys came up with an idea to create a photobook of the United States. This brainwave set them on the path to creating The White Bus book and they went out in search of suitable transport. Of course, as per the book’s namesake, the three friends managed to get hold of a white bus for one thousand dollars. They travelled all the way from Seattle to LA, a journey that is over one thousand miles long, and set out to meet as many people en route as possible.

West Coast White Bus 2

Jules Muir, Jasper Dohrs, and Zev Magasis

The guys used social media as their main resource for meeting new faces and invited people to come and see them all the way through their journey. The three guys didn’t even know most of the people in The White Bus book before they set off. Nonetheless, they managed to document the places they went and the inhabitants of those locations.

The book is full of some brilliantly innocent and candid shots. It has a raw aesthetic that indicates the honesty of the photos inside, while simultaneously being vaguely nostalgic in style. The book captures scenes in the moment they occurred and has a sporadic energy that is often reserved for filmmaking. Some of the portraits captured by the three friends on their travels give a glimpse into America that is frequently unseen, especially when so much of American culture glamorises the west coast in such extreme ways.

You can buy the book right now from Jules’ store and check out more of his work over at his website. Hopefully The White Bus book will inspire a few more people to drop everything and venture out onto the roads.